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Battlestar Galactica 3.15 A Day in the Life--the insta-reaction

OMG! *squeeeeee* That was such a great episode! I so much love being unspoiled for this show. I had no idea what this episode was about and was not expecting, well, THAT. I have so much to think/write about, but first I just want to say that those lawbooks made me cry, dammit! *sniffles* LAWBOOKS. *tears up* Also, I'm bouncy as all get out that Laura asked for Lee for the trial. And I'm loving how much Lee development we're getting recently! *bounce bounce bounce* But also: *sniffles* (he does that to me)

Oh, and my flist is busy being awesome:
asta77 has the bestest ever con report at jamiebambernews of meeting Jamie Bamber and Mary McDonnell.
And talitha78's got a new Smallville vid up! \o/
And if you want to know what all the fuss about Friday Night Lights is or are even vaguely considering watching, you should read this post and admire the Pretty!

OK, meta. *sharpens brain*
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