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SV commentaries: the hilarity

Ok, so there I was trying to write something insightful about S4 SV because there is a *lot* to be said... but instead I keep bursting into giggles remembering the sound clips of MR from the 'Exile' commentary.

Spoilers for SV commentaries

Listening to the SV commentaries, I experience both wonder and fear... because it seems like just about anything you've ever thought about the show will be *said right out there*. I thought nothing could top MR saying 'what? the 'Clex' thing?' on the Red commentary, or Al and Miles pointing out the panning-up-his-body look Lex gives Clark, but 'Exile' commentary took things to a whole new level... (Al & Miles are indistinguishable in my mind from one another so I've just treated them as one entity)

MR: (completely a propos of nothing) This is a very gay room.

Al/Miles: Like that's unusual...

MR: You think I look hot... you want me to take my clothes off again... Tom's got a tan...

Al/Miles: You say that like it's a bad thing...

MR: No, it's not *bad*. I'm good, keep going...

Al/Miles: Oh *this* room!

MR: Yeah!

Al/Miles: Oh, *we're* all gay... I see. We're all very comfortable with our sexuality. Everyone in this room is married except one person. Would that be you Michael?

MR: I'm on the number 1 show in the history of the network. You think I'm going to get married now.


MR: (again, apropos of nothing or maybe just because he's a dork) Oh shit! I've spilt water all over myself! It's cold. I'm not wearing underwear...


MR: (watching himself on the island) I've got to work out again...

Al/Miles: (in chorus, dreamily) yeah... you look HOT.

MR: oh no, here we go again...


Phew! hopefully my brain has now been purged appropriately.

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