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Heroes 1.17 The Company Man

Wow. I usually snark quite a bit about Heroes, but this week's ep left me with little to criticise. I enjoyed the focus on one crisis and a specific set of characters for a change. Though normally I do enjoy the scattered ensemble cast, it was good to have a change to a tighter formula. The flashbacks worked well for me, and I thought that the key players--Mr Bennett, the Haitian, Claude--all successfully came across as 'younger selves', not just in their look but in their behaviour. That's not easy to pull off, so I was impressed.

The plotting of Heroes has always been very good and it continues to deliver. The reveals came thick and fast in this episode. norwich36 has a handy outline of what we learnt (including some unanswered questions).

I love, love, love the way that Mr Bennett has been developed as a character. We've already had the surface level 'good father' image stripped back to reveal a darker secret. Then we got hints that the 'darkness' was moral greyness rather than out-and-out evil. In this episode, that was textualised ('I'm comfortable with grey'), and Mr Bennett was placed in a bigger context. He's the 'company man', working for a larger organisation whose agenda, structure and leadership are hidden in secrecy.

Is Mr Nakamura the head of the organisation? One of the heads? Did he adopt Hiro the way that Mr Bennett adopted Claire? If so, what is Mr Nakamura planning to do with his 'son'?

I love Claire's mum and I thought her performance in this episode was wonderful--it's great to see her retaining her memories now. Are we going to see a reversal of positions with Mr Bennett having no memory of his family? It seems likely.

The Haitian continues to be one of incredibly enigmatic. His motivation is still shrouded in mystery. He was loyal to the company, but now he's not? Why not--what changed?

I love the fact that Claude and Mr Bennett were partners back in the day. Claude's become a lot more meaningful as a character to me now that he's been tied into the greater plot, rather than just popping up as convenient mentor to Peter.

It was good to see Matt being constructive for once rather than making daft decisions. ;-p

Most of all, though, my heart bled for Claire. I've found her well crafted as a character from the beginning, but her story has now become something truly unique. She fulfilled her heroic role in this episode (what a fantastic scene!), but the emotional journey she went through was possibly more significant. I loved how hard it was for her to lose suspicion of her father (when he stroked her face, before leaving her in her bedroom). It made the realisation that he was protecting her all the more devastating. Her 'good father' was returned to her only to be lost to her through a supreme act of self-sacrifice (again, what a scene!).

Claire seriously has the best fathers in the WORLD.
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