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Heroes 1.18 Parasite

My insomnia may make me snarky ... Shallow thoughts first: OMG, MAMA PETRELLI!!! MAMA PETRELLI AND THE HAITIAN! AND CLAIRE! *spazzes out*

And, omg, the Haitian needs to speak French ALL THE TIME, because that was frakking hot! *fans self*

Eeeee! Nathan and Hiro! *squees* They make me very happy, and I thought it was so cute that Hiro can 'see' the real Nathan now ('I thought you were mean'--hee!). And he does the 'flying man' thing every time. Hee! They're just adorable. Also, Nathan is so hot! There was a lot of great suit-wearing that I approved of in this episode. Keep up the good work, Nathan! And wow, do the Petrellis have to hold each other in every single scene? *blinks*

I watched this episode in a sleepy haze and I remember thinking how fond of it I was despite my snark about it. However, I do have some questions:
- How is The List composed exactly? How will spinal fluid help Mohinder a new list?
- How come Sylar can handle all these multiple powers but Peter can't? (Because Peter is lame?)

Actually, I don't want to bitch about Peter because I really liked him in this episode despite my bitching last week. Having him freak out and blame himself for Simone's death was the best thing the show could have done with him at this point in time, as far as I was concerned. It made him way more sympathetic (though I'm still mad at his behaviour with Isaac), and I really loved him in the scene with Nathan. (I always do.) And that moment when Peter vanished really got to me.

On the other hand, my sympathy for Isaac vanished. (And I do think there was some sloppy writing in there.) His behaviour post-Simone's death was just daft and annoying and cartoonish. (Is he going to seesaw on and off heroin forever? Er, that's going to become implausible pretty damn quickly!)

Shapeshifting girl is cool (though unoriginal power--evidently they used up the really original ones early on!), and I felt so bad for Mr B. :-( Oh, Mr Bennett, how I have grown to love you. And I love Mrs Bennett to pieces too.

As usual, I was most invested in Claire's plot, and as seen above, I squeed with joy when she showed up looking for Peter and found the Haitian with Mrs Petrelli. That was such a great scene! I loved her giving the Haitian the slip in the airport--such a convincing response for her character given her age and the overwhelming circumstances.

Among the things that didn't work so well for me in this ep were Nikki (big surprise). Perhaps I'm just too disengaged from her story, but Nikki's temporary ability to thwart Jessica felt sudden (and suspiciously convenient) to me. I don't understand what has changed for Nikki that she can suddenly do this. (I'm hoping norwich36 will have the answers on this front. *g*) And while I love Hiro, I did find him completely daft in this episode. Honestly! Why wouldn't you at least try to stop time if you had to steal an artefact from a high-security location. And Ando's back. *headdesk* Just when I was getting excited that Ando's absence might mean Hiro had to hang around Nathan more... :-( However, I did love them timetravelling forward and seeing that they hadn't managed to stop the bomb. Nice!

Have I mentioned how much I'm loving Sylar these days? He's gone from being a completely one-dimensional figure to being quite fascinating. And Mohinder, wow, you got your little moment of triumph. But your stupidity betrayed you once again! I was satisfied that Mohinder was not able to overcome Sylar completely because that would have strained my credulity to breaking point. But I like the whole 'you're just like your father' line, because I do find both Mohinder and his father daft as hell.

Wow, there was a lot in this episode. I haven't even got to Nathan and Lindermann--that confrontation was brilliant, though the 'life of happiness versus life of meaning' had me frowning a bit. It felt a bit forced, but I imagine the show will build on that/explore that further and perhaps in wider context it gain some subtelty. But I loved Lindermann playing the one card that would stop Nathan in his tracks. (Oh, and I'm not surprised at all that he's been working with the FBI! *g*) Those unanswered questions are too powerful: they're about 'the people that really matter'.

I understand there is a break now. This was a great episode to end on and the multiple plots are really working for them now, with the heroes being drawn closer together.

Finally: apparently Sylar hated Peter's floppy fringe as much as I did. :-D
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