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Too funny! *giggles*

I have icon angst. When I first got extra userpics, I went completely crazy collecting icons, and for the first nine months or so, I changed my userpics all the time. But over time, I kind of 'honed' my collection so that I had all the basics covered:
- major fandoms, favourite characters and pairings
- mood-appropriate icons: a good 'squee' icon, a good 'pissy' icon, a good 'thoughtful' icon, a good 'sad' icon
- a personalised icon or two because they're special
- a few 'unique' icons made by friends or very specific to something I like
- funny or pointed icons to whip out in appropriate moments.
You'd think that'd mean I was all sorted, right? Well, sort of... it's true that I don't change my icons as much as I used to, but it just means I have more angst when I do change one: Which icon must I sacrifice? Eeeep! I have an awesome icons filter on my friends list, and in the last few weeks the iconists have really been excelling themselves. So I've just finished a nail-biting session of adding in some new icons. I can't bring myself to get rid of any of the first ten or so in my collection because they have huge sentimental value to me, and then there's all the 'useful' ones listed above, but there are a few things that really mess with my icon system:
- ridiculously pretty people (Jamie and Katee, Tom and Michael, Erica Durance, Justin Hartley, Adrianne Palicki, Aishwarya Rai...)
- shows with great ensemble casts (Heroes and Friday Night Lights: I have to have multiple icons for this because I love the whole cast, not just one or two characters)
- OTPs (damn them! I can't ever have enough Clex, Clois or Kara/Lee icons)
- my offbeat sense of humour (makes me a sucker for the random humorous icon)
- new dramatic events on shows (necessity for obtaining new icons urgently and/or modifying collection)
- watching too many damn shows (I don't ever post about House, for example, but I watch it and occasionally wish to comment on it in some else's journal--and I feel naked doing so without a House icon)
- my strange need to embrace the unpopular (aka the 'Lana' phenomenon--I insist on having at least one Lana icon at all times, because dammit she needs some love too).
It's more difficult than it looks!!

In fandom news, there's been lots of great readings post-'Crossroads' (season 3 finale) in BSG fandom.
- info about the BSG version of 'All Along the Watchtower'
- dianora2 posted a fantastic account of Jamie Bamber at i-con (which proved to me once again how much I love him and find his thoughts on the show and his character spot-on)
- Further to that, I found this interview with Jamie about the season finale a great read as well
- some interesting speculation about the final four (five)
- wisteria_ has posted her long and brilliant meta on 'Crossroads'. Hooray!
My own thoughts on 'Crossroads' and What It All Means are still all whirly and Maelstrom-like. I think I have another meta post in me once they all settle down, but as a brief coda to my reaction to the finale:
- One reason I didn't mind the music that much? I heart absurdism. (This is surprisingly important to remember about me and accounts for many of the times I diverge from fandom(s) in emotional reaction. Smallville Season 4, a case in point.)
- The Final Four are really growing on me--more and more I think they're fantastic choices, though I'm still most 'meh' about Tory out of any of them--people either seem to respond to the actress or not and I fall into the 'not' category. (But yes, I do think they are Cylons.)
- norwich36 made some fantastic points about Laura and Gaeta in the comments to my review. Bless!

Finally, you know what I would really like to see next season? Lee return to Galactica (and yeah, obviously they have to survive the battle, but assuming they do) and him tell everyone that Kara's going to lead them to Earth only to have everyone think he's gone completely mad, because Kara's not there. (I don't actually want Kara to be a vision, so I guess she'd have had to say 'meet me at Planet X' or some daftness.) My evil sense of humour would like to see Lee try and persuade everyone that he hasn't completely lost it (Dee would look at him pityingly, Helo could make worried!face and try to get him to shut up because it was embarrasing everyone), and I think it would be particularly fun to see Adama roast him for abandonning them in the middle of a battle to go flying with his imaginary girlfriend. :-D Of course, eventually I want Kara to bounce up ('hi, guys!') and Lee to be all 'see! see! SEEE!' and smug and all because he's funny when he's pissy and right. In the meantime, Sam can make puppy eyes at him in a 'how dare you hurt me by lying like this about my girl' way, creating lots of angst material for the slashers. Which brings me back to my icon! *wins*

ETA: Meant to pimp btlstr_hiatusca as well--community for rewatching (or watching for the first time) BSG during the nine-month (*groan*) hiatus.

Yes. It is a quiet day at work. Why do you ask? :-p
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