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Doctor Who 3.1

Doctor Who is back! While I don't usually post on Who, today's eppy warranted some major squee, I felt.

I need a Martha icon STAT! I LOVE HER. I really liked that she was contrasted to the whimpery girl who freaked out when they arrived on the Moon, and that she demonstrated her intelligence and unflappability immediately. And she has that all-important sense of wonder! She marvels at the beauty of the situation, wonders about how it could be possible, while also regretting missing her brother's twenty-first... she's wonderful! And she reassured the Doctor! She told him there had to be a way back to Earth. I love that she immediately constructs herself as the capable one. Which of course she is combining her medical skills, her deductive reasoning and her heroic nature to resuscitate the Doctor in the nick of time. \o/

She had chemistry with the Doctor even in the first scene where she listened to his heart(s). But I liked that she also didn't seem to be crushing on the Doctor in an annoying way (though his kiss left her breathless--yay!). And when he showed up again and ran through all the formalities with her super-fast (Time Lord, TARDIS, time travel, bigger on the inside... got it? Ok, let's go!), I was so squeeful. I liked her crazy family too, and how it's obvious that she's the level-headed one.

As usual, I loved Ten's mania: his impersonation of a daft human was hilarious. 'Laughing at the darkness' was a great call, and I liked that it was obvious that he was rushing to fill a Rose-shaped hole (despite his transparent protests to the contrary), but deliberately choosing differently this time.

In short, Martha's earned the title of Companion in my eyes. She's my kind of girl, and the Doctor's my kind of Doctor, and I think I'm going to love this season!
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