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Chatty post

I should have known that duskwillow would already have my Doctor Who icon needs sorted! *happy sigh* Another ace chick to add to my list of favourite fictional characters!

I got my harddrive up and running again on the weekend (minus swathes of data, *sigh*), and consequently I'm vidding again. I'd forgotten how insanely addictive it is. I think I lost 12 hours of my life on Sunday alone... O.O Still, it makes me very happyful.

I was going to make a post reccing Dexter vids but obsessive24 has beaten me to it. I second her recs and suggest you check out the comments to her post as well if you are looking for Dexter vids--fahrbotdrusilla's vids are recced there, and I really enjoyed both of them. I have a Dexter playlist on imeem featuring several of these vids.

In BSG-related news, I really enjoyed this post-Maelstrom Lee-centric fic by dionusia (particularly impressive as it's her first fic). And for those of you who are Leoben fans, daybreak777 has vid recs and fic recs.

I am trying to be strong and not watch the Smallville trailer that's just come out, but this long break between episodes is testing even my spoiler-avoiding powers!
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